First Time Deal of the Day Buyers Guide

By DealSucker into Deal of the Day on 11, June, 2014

We wrote this article, based on our extensive experience working with Daily Deal sites and customer complaints we see here from time to time. We've tried to create a guide that will help you to avoid most common mistakes Deal-of-the-Day shoppers make. The classic Deal-of-the-Day business model is based on offering one deeply discounted product a day but do not be confused with group sales and many other implementations of the classic business model. It's no secret that Deal-of-the-Day model...

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This Black Friday, Shop the Way You Want on Your Computer

By DealSucker into Black Friday on 16, November, 2012

Let’s take a moment and think about Black Friday. If you venture out in the world on that day, then there are probably a lot of different things you think. You may think it is a great way to get good deals on items for the Christmas season. That is true, but that is not all to think about. If you go out Black Friday shopping, then chances are, you have seen a fight or two, you have almost been trampled in crowds, and you have found the item you wanted sold out. Black Friday is one...

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Major Shopping Options Go Online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

By DealSucker into Black Friday on 15, November, 2012

It is no secret. The World Wide Web is here to stay. Every day, millions of people log on to do business, to connect with friends, to browse the news, and to shop. Because the Internet has become such a popular option for doing virtually anything in our lives, shopping outlets have begun to realize what a strong tool they have at their disposal. Before the Internet became such a phenomenon, Black Friday was one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Stores all across the country would...

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The Great Deal of Pre-Black Friday Deals

By DealSucker into Black Friday on 14, November, 2012

Here is a secret to holiday shopping success. Listen carefully because it can save you hundreds of dollars. That secret is called knowing how to find a deal. The best part is that those deals are not even hard to find. Many people wait around until Black Friday and they try to cram all of their Christmas shopping into one hectic, crowd filled, and maddening day. You do not have to be one of those people. That is the secret! There are stores online offering Pre-Black Friday sales the whole...

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3 Reasons to Stay in Your Pajamas and Shop Black Friday Online This Year

By DealSucker into Black Friday on 13, November, 2012

Most people quite simply couldn’t imagine their Thanksgiving weekend without all the amazing Black Friday sales and with good reason. Black Friday offers a terrific opportunity for budget conscious folks and bargain hunters alike to save big on a variety of stellar items. It’s a terrific opportunity to get the jump on the holiday shopping season as well. However, times are a-changin’. These days, people who don’t want to brave the crowds, the traffic, and the...

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Unique Holiday Gifts You Can Find Through Deal of the Day Sites

By DealSucker into Deal of the Day on 10, November, 2012

Do you have those people on your Christmas gift list that just seem impossible to buy for? Often, these people can cost the most time and money simply because you have to go out of your way to find specialty, unique items that they would love. You probably already know that there are websites that offer deals of the day, Cyber Monday, and Black Friday sales. However, so many of these sites offer what you would refer to as mainstream gifts like televisions, video game systems, and jewelry....

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Hitting the Bargain Jackpot Thanksgiving Weekend

By DealSucker into Thanksgiving Sale on 06, November, 2012

Hitting the Bargain Jackpot This Weekend These days, Black Friday and the hectic weekend of shopping and bargain hunting that follows it is arguably as big a yearly event as Thanksgiving itself. In fact, a lot of people wouldn’t consider their Thanksgiving weekend complete without a trip to the store to fight the crowds and get the jump on their Christmas shopping with some of the best deals ever. However, not everyone has the time, energy, patience, or nerves of steel needed to brave...

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4 Tips for Saving Big Online This Black Friday

By DealSucker into Black Friday on 04, November, 2012

By now, Black Friday and the ensuing shopping blitz that characterizes Thanksgiving weekend is as much a part of our holiday tradition as Thanksgiving itself. It marks the official beginning of the Christmas shopping season, as well as gives us an excuse to get together with family and friends. However, getting the most out of Black Friday is now about a lot more than just showing up at the brick and mortar stores bright and early. Online shopping is a big part of the mix as well these...

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The Best Online Deal Sites for Black Friday Specials

By DealSucker into Black Friday on 03, November, 2012

It’s no secret to anyone that we’re living in trying economic times these days. However, just because we’re tightening up our budgets and watching our cash flow with a little more care these days shouldn’t mean that we have to give up pleasures like shopping for items we want and need. The secret to smart shopping these days is in knowing where to look for bargains and today’s deal-a-day websites are definitely the way to go in that regard. Smart shoppers...

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Smart Online Shopping This Black Friday

By DealSucker into Black Friday on 02, November, 2012

It seems like just about everything has made its way onto the internet in one way or another these days. Major shopping events like the infamous Black Friday are no exception! By now just about everyone knows that deal of the day websites like,, and are super ways to score great products at low, hyper-reasonable prices. However, what they may not be aware of is that pre-Black Friday deals, Black Friday deals, and Cyber Monday deals are now regular tie-ins for...

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Brick and Mortar Shops Vs. Daily Deals Websites

By DealSucker into Deal of the Day on 01, November, 2012

Brick and Mortar Shops Vs. Daily Deals Websites – Which Is the Better Option This Holiday Season? Before we know it, the holiday shopping season will be upon us once more. Plus, these are trying economic times we’re living in. It’s imperative that we make sure we’re saving as much money as is humanly possible with how we shop this year. Plus, bargain hunting and saving can be fun as many modern consumers are discovering. For years, visiting the stores early on Black...

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Tips for Saving Even More Cash on Cyber Monday

By DealSucker into Cyber Monday on 31, October, 2012

Good bargain hunters don’t just stop at finding the best sales and making sure they know where to score the best coupons. They go the extra mile to make sure they’re truly saving as much as possible. Not only does this mean shopping the pre-Black Friday deals and Black Friday specials alike, but participating in Cyber Monday, today’s hottest new trend in bargain-hunting. However, saving big on Cyber Monday is about a lot more than simply logging on, clicking the mouse a...

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