ProSleeve Pro-Tube Black Shag Bag Golf Accessory

ProSleeve Pro-Tube Black Shag Bag Golf Accessory

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Divot offers this deal on sale for $9.99 (29% off savings on this deal). Features The Pro-Tube Triggered Golf Shag Tube is the most revolutionary and innovative practice aid to hit the market in years. This practice aid allows the golfer to dispense golf balls one at a time or all at once for practice and then picks up the golf balls with ease. The Pro-Tube fits into your golf bag & helps you practice all the short...

Deal Price: $35.00 $9.99
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About Divot

Divot.com is a group of guys who sit around in a warehouse all day, wishing we were on the golf course, but since we don’t get to play for free, we have to do something to make just enough to scrape together enough to tee it up, grab a beverage and hot dog at the turn, and to pay off our bets...

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